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Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy Ney Year

I wanted to wish you all a Happy, Healthy and Safe New Year.

I will be off celebrating James' 3rd Birthday tomorrow. Well it will just be the 3 of us. I am planning on having the big family one toward the end of the month. I can't believe that he will be 3. Sadly James hasn't been feeling well for the past few days. I am hoping that he will be feeling better tomorrow.

Happy Birthday Little Man!!!!

Friday, December 21, 2007

OMG I have knitting content!!

It seems that my mojo is coming back. I am so happy to be knitting again and actually wanting to. It makes me so happy.

I just finished my Dream in Color Socks. I am smitten with their knittin'.

I absolutely love the pattern. I can see myself knitting it over and over. It made my come back knitting really fun and I wanted more. I love the colors too.


Needles: US 1 Addi Lace Needle
Yarn: Dream in Color Smooshy - Deep Sea Flower
Pattern: Sweet Dreams Socks
Purchased: Pattern and Yarn at Ball & Skein in Germantown, Ohio

I didn't need to make any modifications to the pattern.

I am so happy to be knitting again I could just *squee*!!

If you are on Ravelry come on over and see what else I have been up to. I am knittedtoat on there. Hopefully in the next few days I will be able to come back and blog again. I have been working on some fingerless mitts, a wild pair of monkey socks, sweet baby cap and socks and an alligator scarf.

If I don't get back before, have a wonderful holiday.

Thursday, December 6, 2007


Destashing to pay for Kevin's medical bills. I am sad to have to put up this yarn, but bills have to be paid. :(

I take paypal or if you email me we can work out some other form of payment. I will ship the cheapest way posible for you.

Thanks so much!

Claudia Handpaint
100% Merino
Bearded Iris 005
180 yds/skein
6.5-7.5 sts/in US 1-3
2 skeins - $18.00 + shipping


50% Superwash Wool, 25% Soysilk, 22.5% Cotton, 2.5% Chitin
Color 733
Dye Lot 91506-82
8 sts/in US 2
1 ball - $13.00 + shipping

Mango Moon
100% Recycled Silk
Bali Sky
150 yds/skein
3301 (2 skeins),
2 skeins - $34.00 + shipping, or $17.50 + shipping per skein

If you have any questions please feel free to Contact Me

Insurance - What's the Point?

So most of you have read about Kevin and his surgery that he had to have. We do have insurance through where he works. The insurance used to be awesome. They paid the way an insurance company should. We only paid our co-pay when going anywhere and the rest was paid 100%. Sadly the insurance came up for review and they decided to go for a cheaper (for the company not the employee) insurance.

Now the bills are rolling in and most of them are saying that the insurance isn't paying and it is our responsibility. It took me 10 months fighting with them just to get them to pay James and my generic Dr. bill. Grrrrr. So we are facing some pretty big bills.

What does this mean to you???

Since we need the money to pay the outrageous deductible I will be culling some of my stash. There will be some Malabrigo and some sock yarns. If you are looking for anything special let me know I might just have it.

I will list my items here first for my readers then Monday I will add them to the destash sites.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Nice Matters

I have been nominated by Bonnie and Nancy for the Nice Matters Award. I wish I could nominate each of you back, but I guess the rules are no tag backs. Consider yourselves honorary nominees.

It is to be awarded to “Those bloggers who are nice people; good blog friends and those who inspire good feelings and inspiration.Also for those who are a positive influence on our blogging world. ”

I feel so honored for being nominated twice. And being nominated by 2 great ladies just tops it off.

I am supposed to nominate 7 people or should that be 14? ;)

Here it goes....

Jenny Raye

These ladies have inspired me in so many ways. I consider them friends even though I haven't even met most of them. There is so much that I could say about each and every one of them, but this post would go on for days. I will just say that they are each amazing and if you haven't gotten a chance to know them then head on over to their blogs. They are defiantly worth your time to get to know.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

I wanted to stop in and wish everyone that is celebrating a Happy Thanksgiving.

I hope that you enjoy it and eat lots.

I am so thankful for my little family. James has been such a blessing. I have to say that he has stole my heart for sure. Even though Kevin aggravates me some times, I still love him more than life. He takes care of us well and I can't ask for any more than that.

We will be celebrating at my SIL's tomorrow then at my Mom's on Saturday. I am sure that I will gain some weight between the 2 for sure. Oh well, I don't plan on not enjoying myself. ;)

Have a good one.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Update on Kevin

Thanks to everyone that has emailed or left comments with well wishes and concern about Kevin's health. We so appreciate your caring.

He has gone for his folow-up and test results and they came out what they expected. He does have EE (Eosinophilic Esophagitis). They have him on 3 prescriptions that should help. He is making sure to chew his food thoroughly too. They seem to think that with the medications he won't need any further treatment. They said that his stomach looked fine and there was nothing else that was found in the biopsy. We are so thankful that what was found is treatable and he can live his life normally.

We are both so thankful that it wasn't anything worse. He was scared as to what the results might uncover. His Grandpa died of throat cancer, so he had a valid worry.

With this being the season of Thanksgiving we truly are thankful.

Monday, November 19, 2007


I was tagged by Raven.

1. One person who made me laugh. James of course. That child does some crazy things.

2. What was I doing at 0800? Still sleeping.

3. What was I doing 30 minutes ago? Getting dressed finally.

4. What did I do in 2006? We had 2006 already? Pretty much what I have done in 2007.

5. Last thing I said aloud? There you go (to James).

6. Beverages? Water, root beer and CF Mt. Dew.

7. What colour is my hairbrush? black/grey.

8. Last thing I paid for? Toothpaste & toothbrush for James, gallon of milk & root beer.

9. Where was I last night? At the in-laws.

10. Front door colour? White.

11. Where do I keep my change? What change? Normally James gets it to put in his banks.

12. What’s the weather like today? Grey and cool.

13. Best ice cream flavour? Hummm that one is hard. I love chocolate, cookie dough, and peanut butter.

14. What excites me? James, my family, knitting, spinning, fluffy bunnies, sheep, anything that I can spin.

15. I want to cut my hair? Nope not yet.

16. Am I over the age of 25? Yep.

17. Do I talk a lot? Sometimes.

18. There seems to be no 18 so I’ll make one up. What colour socks did you wear today? Don't have socks on.

19. Do I know anyone named Steve? Yep.

20. Do I make up my own words? Sometimes.

21. Am I a jealous person? Only if there is a reason to be.

21. Name a friend who starts with the letter A. Ang.

22. Name a friend who starts with the letter K. Kelly.

23. Who’s the first person on my ‘Received Calls list? Some 800 # that I refuse to answer.

24. The last text message I received? Don't text we have direct connect.

25. Do I chew on my straw? Nope

26. Do I have curly hair? Depends on what you consider curly. Also depends on the weather and if I go at it with the straightening iron.

27. Where’s the next place I’m going to? Who knows, but I will know when I get there.

28. Who is the rudest person in my life? Well the 2 men in my life think that burps and farts are funny. Does that count?

29. What was the last thing I ate? Corn chips last night.

30. Will I get married in the future? Hopefully not. I am married now and plan to keep it that way.

31. The best movie I’ve seen in the past 2 weeks? Don't know, heck it has been so long since I have seen a movie I couldn't even tell you the last one that I saw.

32. Is there anyone you like right now? Depends on what is meant by like. I like my son, husband, family and friends.

33. Did I cry today? Not yet, but the day is still young.

34. Why did I answer and post this? Raven tagged me and I needed something to post.

35. Tag 5 people I would like to see do this survey.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Anniversary / Kevin Update / Contest

Today is our 6 year anniversary (Kevin and me). I can't believe it has been that long. Boy does time fly.

Happy Anniversary dear. I love you more today than yesterday.

Speaking of Kevin, I am sure some of you are wondering if we have heard anything. Yes, we have the results back. They turned out as the Dr. had thought. He has Eosinophilic Esophagitis. They explained it as an allergic reaction. We have been told that it is easily treated with medication and he should be fine. They found no other abnormalities, so that was really good. He has his follow-up appointment on the 9th so we will find out more from there and see what medications he will be on. I hope that the medications will take care of it and we won't ever have it happen again.

Contest, Contest, Contest....

Cass of Shut Up, I'm Counting is having a contest for her 333rd post. Pop on over and enter for your chance to win. Mention you saw it here and I will get that extra entry.


Thanks to all how have voted so far. It is going to help me in what yardages that I use for what yarns. If you haven't voted yet please do. There are 7 of them located just below this post.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Thank You / a few Polls

Thank You all so much for the kind comments concerning Kevin. He is doing well and we should know what the test results are tomorrow. He is pretty much back to normal other than he is chewing his food more and sometimes you can see that he still is uncomfortable swallowing, but that is to be expected. I will let you all know what we find out if anything tomorrow.

If you could all humor me in taking the following polls I would so appreciate it. I am trying to make sure I have the things that people want in the way of yarn and yardage in my website and what better way to do that than to ask you all. There are a total of 7 polls. 1 for each type oof yarn then the last one is all the yarn together.








Thank you all for doing this for me. I don't want to put out large yardages if it isn't really popular and people would prefer a little less yardage for less $.

I will try to get back here tomorrow and post an update on Kevin't test results. With it being Halloween I might not be able to get to it until Thursday.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

What a Day

It has been quite a day of nervousness and tension here. It all started for me at 7am. James woke crying and I went to see what was wrong. When I walked into his room there was someone there already! Kevin was supposed to be at work so needless to say seeing someone in James room scared the crap out of me. Thank God it was Kevin.

I asked him why he was home and he said that he would talk about it in a minute. While he was calming James down I nerviously waited for him to come out. Finally James was calm and he came out to tell me that he couldn't swallow anything. He could breathe, but not swallow. He said that he was hungry at work and had taken some fried chicken and instead of chewing and drinking liquid with it like he normally has to he just chewed a little and swallowed. He said that he could feel it get stuck in his esophagus above his stomach. This was at 2:30 that morning. He said that he tried to get it up or to get it to go down, but nothing worked.

He ended up going to work that morning and then decided to come home and see if he could get into the Dr. I told him that he needed to go to the ER, but he refused. (MEN!) So since he could breathe I sent him to bed and hoped that maybe being able to relax while sleeping will help let it pass through. Unfortunatly that didn't work. So he called the Dr. and was told by the receptionist that he needed to go to the ER. He decided to try the Urgent Care in town. He wouldn't let me go with him since he thought I should stay home to take care of James and he didn't want to mess with his schedual. Ummm a nap isn't important when it comes to the healt and well being of my husband. They thought that they could help, but nothing worked. He couldn't get liquids to go through or anything. It would all come back up and he couldn't even swallow much of his own saliva. So the Urgent Care told him to go to the hospital.

So while all this was going on and I was waiting to hear what was going on I was getting things together to take James somewhere just in case. I got the call saying that he was being sent to the hospital, so that was my cue to ramp things up. I tried to get a hold of my in-laws, but the line was busy. I had my SIL and BIL both trying to get a hold of them to see if they could keep James for us. Finally we were able to get in touch and I ran over, dropped James off and headed to the hospital.

By the time I got there they had already had Kevin in recovery. The procedure took 8 minutes. He was really groggy and kept asking the same questions over and over. I felt so bad for him, but I was glad that it was over. He asked me when they were going to take him back and I had to laugh. He had no clue that it was already over. They were able to push the piece of chicken through and he was free and clear. They also took a biopsy because they think he has Eosinophilic Esophagitis. We will know some time next week if that is what it is. If so it is treatable with medication and sometimes medical procedures. They placed him on Nexium in hopes to help as well.

We are all home and the boys are sleeping. It could have been much worse and we still won't know everything until the biopsy results are back. So please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. We will be faced with a large medical bill since our insurance sucks and fights paying for anything, including in-network Dr visits. We will cross that bridge when it comes. I am just glad that we are together again tonight.

If you made it this far you desirve some fiber pr0n. Below you will see some of my hand dyed roving and hand spun that is available for sale. If you see something that you like just send me an email and it will be yours. *All shipping listed to the US, but will ship worldwide and I also combine shipping.

BFL SW Angela 4 oz
$15.00 + shipping ($2.00 1st class/$4.60 Priority)

BFL SW Fall Leaves 4oz
$15.00 + shipping ($2.00 1st class/$4.60 Priority)

Merino SW Snips N Snails 4oz
$14.00 + shipping ($2.00 1st class/$4.60 Priority)

BFL 1 7/8oz - 125+ yds - 14WPI - 5-6 sts/in on US 4-6
$18.75 + shipping ($2.00 1st class/$4.60 Priority)

BFL 1 3/4oz - 129+ yds - 15 WPI - 6-7 sts/in on US 3-5
$19.50 + Shipping ($2.00 1st class/$4.60 Priority)

BFL 1 3/4oz - 83+ yds - 13 WPI - 5 sts/in on US 6-7
$12.50 + shipping ($2.00 1st class/$4.60 Priority)

Merino SW 4oz - 245+ yds - 13 WPI - 5 sts/in on US 6-7
$29.50 + shipping ($2.00 1st class/$4.60 Priority)

Merino SW 3 3/4oz - 261+ yds - 16 WPI - 6-8 sts/in on US 2-4
$31.50 + shipping ($2.00 1st class/$4.60 Priority)

Corriedale SW 3 1/8oz - 121+ yds - 13 WPI - 5 sts/in on US 6-7
$17.00 + shipping ($2.00 1st class/$4.60 Priority)

On another fibery note, I got in another shipment of base yarns so I will be dyeing them up soon. I have a special order to do first then I will start on the rest. If you happen to have something that you might like dyed up let me know and I will add you to the list and do it forst before I do the yarn for the site.

Finally Holly is having another contest. She is giving away some lovely yarn and needle holder. Head on over and enter. Let her know that you heard it here and I will get another entry.

Have a great rest of the week. Friday is just a day away.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Happy Birthday!!

Today is my hubby's 34th Birthday. I wanted to pop in and wish him a Happy Birthday!!! James and I Love you.

**Sorry I have been MIA. I have felt so bad lately that I don't even feel like getting on the computer. I really hope that I feel better soon. This weekend is yet another Tractor show to go to.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Vote, Roving for Sale & Some Knitting

Just a reminder..... Don't forget to vote daily for Nikki. There are only a few days left and we want her to win. I honestly think that she is the best. I know that she is James' favorite. I let him look at the illustrations and he picked hers with no guidance. So it is stories for children and my child picked Nikki, so we both think that she is the best.

In other news... I have 3 rovings dyed up. The 4th is steaming and will need rinsed, washed and dried before I can get a picture. The one that is marinating is Snips and Snails. It is a blue, green and yellow.

Hot Momma - Merino Superwash 4oz - $14.00 + shipping

Green Eggs N Ham - Merino Superwash 4oz - $14.00 + shipping - SOLD - THANK YOU

Fall Leaves - Merino Superwash 3 7/8oz - $9.00 + shipping (this is discounted since I was a little zealous and moved the roving a bit too much so when I picked it up out of the water it had twisted on top of itself and it separated into multiple sections. There is nothing wrong with it, just not in one long strip). - SOLD - THANK YOU

There has been knitting as well! Can you believe it? I am working on a pair of socks. I figure start small and work my way up. ;) They are the Sweet Dreams Socks from Dream in Color in their Smooshy Sock in the Deep Seaflower colorway. I have finished 1 sock and have turned the heal of the 2nd and I am ready to pick up stitches.

Sorry the pictures are hard to see. A dark yarn isn't the easiest to photograph. I am loving the pattern. Lace and cables and neither one too hard. A perfect combination.

Hopefully I will be able to get some BFL roving dyed this weekend. Saturday we will be going to another Antique Tractor Show so I will be sure to take some knitting with me. :)

If you are interested in any of the roving I listed let me know and it is yours. I ship to you the cheapest way possible or whatever your choice may be.

Have a Wonderful Weekend.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What's Wrong With Mud?

Angela of Purrrl-plexed has a friend Nikki who is an amazing artist and is the illustrator of a picture book that is a finalist in this year's ABC's Children's Picture book competition. The book is called "What's Wrong with Mud?". It is so darn cute.

If you could take a quick minute and go over every day and vote for her. It would be much appreciated.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Wool Gathering - Could You do Me a Favor if You Go?

Sadly I won't be making it this year. I would love to be able to meet up with so many of the bloggers that are going. We have family commitments to fulfill, so unless I can sneak away Sunday afternoon, I will be with you all in spirit. Maybe next year. *Sigh*

So could I ask you all to do me a favor? Could you stop by Susan's booth (her store is Ball & Skein) and take a look at my yarns? I don't expect you to buy them (though it would be nice ;) ), but if you could take a look at them and let me know which yarn base and colorway that you like the best. The colorway doesn't have to be on the same yarn. KWIM? I want honest opinions. I am always looking for ways to improve.

I truly appreciate your time doing this. A contest just might come out of this. ;)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

More Yarns for Sale

For your consideration...... More yarns and more colors.......

WARNING!!.... If you see something that you would like to have, please let me know by Thursday evening so I can hold it for you. What doesn't sell here is going to Susan at Ball & Skein. She will be at the Wool Gathering and it is going with her.

Email Me

UPDATE...... All of the 6 that I weren't finished are now. They are pictured at the very bottom.

Oh yeah all yarns are SS (Self Striping)

So let's start off with the Kona 100% Merino.....

All have gone to Ball and Skein.

Sugar N Spice
500 yds Fingering Weight
Kona Merino Superwash
Violet, Yellow, Pink

Green Eggs N Ham
500 yds Fingering Weight
Kona Merino Superwash
Greens & Pinks

500 yds Fingering Weight
Kona Merino Superwash
Black, Pink, Purple & Violet
$25.00 + shipping SOLD!! THANKS!!

Cool Daddy
500 yds Fingering Weight
Kona Merino Superwash
Blue & Black

Hot Momma
500 yds Fingering Weight
Kona Merino Superwash
Hot Pink & Periwinkle

Ball & Skein
500 yds Fingering Weight
Kona Merino Superwash
Brown & Pink

Next up is the Bamboo/Merino/Nylon blend. They are 30% Bamboo, 60% Merino and 10% Nylon.

Sugar N Spice
500 yds Fingering Weight
Bamboo/Merino/Nylon Superwash
Violet, Yellow, Pink

Green Eggs N Ham
500 yds Fingering Weight
Bamboo/Merino/Nylon Superwash
Pinks & Greens

Hot Momma
500 yds Fingering Weight
Bamboo/Merino/Nylon Superwash
Hot Pink & Periwinkle

Finally is the BFL (Blue Faced Leicester Superwash). 100% BFL. I have 2 skeins of each color (you will need 2 for a pair of socks).

Hot Momma
250 yds Fingering Weight
Hot Pink & Periwinkle

Snips N Snails
250 yds Fingering Weight
Green, Yellow, Blue

250 yds Fingering Weight
Blue, Red, Yellow & Orange

250 yds Fingering Weight
Black, Pink, Purple, Violet

Fall Leaves
250 yds Fingering Weight
Orange, Yellow, Brown, Red

Green Eggs N Ham
250 yds Fingering Weight
Greens & Pinks

I take all forms of PayPal. If there is another way you would like to pay let me know and we will try and work out something.

I also do my best to save you money on the shipping. If the weight allows I ship 1st class. I can ship other methods as well.

I still have 6 more to reskein.

Cool Daddy - Bamboo/Merino/Nylon - 500 yds

Fall Leaves - Bamboo/Merino/Nylon - 500 yds

Cool Daddy - BFL - 250 yds

Fall Leaves - Kona DK - 280 yards

Snips N Snails - Kona DK - 280 yds

Green Eggs N Ham - Kona DK - 280 yds

Hopefully I will be able to get them done and pictures taken before Friday. They are done and pictured above.

I will read, comment on blogs when I get a chance. So if I normally comment, I am not ignoring you.

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