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Friday, April 29, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

I have been in a bit of a frenzy trying to get things dyed up for my first show of the season toward the end of next month. With having the kids home all day and it taking time and concentration to dye I have only been able to work on it in the evenings after Kevin gets home.

So far my tally dyed is:
31 skeins Baby Alpaca/Silk/Cashmere Lace (Opulent)
55 skeins of Merino SW Fingering weight (Sensational)

I have been winding yarn while the youngest takes a nap and have 30 skeins (400 yds each) of a new Corriedale/Nylon Fingering weight done so far, and about 25 of BFL fingering weight. Things are coming along slowly.

I have been very diligent at dyeing every night, well that is except for last night. :( Kevin sent me a msg from work yesterday saying that his left hand and foot were kind of numb, his jaw was hurting, his chest was heavy, had a headache and so on. With all the heart problems in his family I told him to call 911 and get to the hospital. The stubborn man that he is finished work, came home, showered and tells me he felt a little better after a shower. Umm that wasn't going to fly with me. I played the kid card and he decided to go to the ER. ;) They took him right back, gave him a nitro pill and nitro paste, did an ekg, blood work, battery of other tests. He said that after having the nitro he felt much better other than the pounding headache from the nitro. Finally all the tests came back and he was told that everything looked fine on paper, but with his symptoms they wanted to do a stress test to be safe. This meant they wanted to keep him. Of course he wavered and wanted me to tell him to come home, but even though I wanted him home I knew that he should stay (don't make me play the kid card again lol). So now it is a waiting game as to when they will ever get to do the test. I sit here at home nervously waiting to hear something/anything.

In my "spare" time I have been working on a shopping cart for my website! Yes folks it is finally in process. Not as fast as I had hoped, but a little here and there is better than nothing at all. :)

Sorry for the photo-less post. Photo taking, just has not fit into my day recently. Hoping to get photos of all the dyed yarns, but that is going to take quite some time to get a picture of every colorway that has been dyed on each yarn. LOL

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Delivery

Boxes have started arriving here full of fiber and fiber related goodness. Now if this wet weather would stop so I can work on dyeing the yarn and roving. I have been doing small batches at a time as I only have so much room to hang yarn to dry in the house.

Sensational Sock 3 / Baby Alpaca/Silk/Cashmere Lace

I started on the Baby Alpaca/Silk/Cashmere Lace weight. With the humid weather and all the rain it is taking f-o-r-e-v-e-r to dry. I have fans and dehumidifier going to help the process. I have to say that I LOVE this yarn. It is more than yummy.

Lilac/Fresh Mint/Passion Pink/Tweety/Crimson Caress/Sea Foam (the Lilac looks blue in this photo)

The Lilac looks more true to color in this photo.

There are 1,312 yds per skein. These will all be going to the fiber festivals this year, but if you want it before then let me know.

I spent part of the day cleaning since the kids are with my Mom for the week. This is the first time that the youngest has been away from us for longer than a few hours. :( He sounds like he is doing just fine, but I still feel sad. Then the rest I spent skeining up the Sensational Sock 3. I have a full storage bin of yarn waiting to be dyed now. If the weather would just cooperate.

I have more boxes due here Thursday. This shipment will include:


Merino Lace
BFL Fingering
Wool/Nylon SW
Falkland SW Dk
Merino Sport


Superfine Merino
Merino SW
Alpaca/Merino/Tussah Silk
Baby Suri Alpaca
Baby Camel/Tussah Silk

If there is a yarn/roving that you would like dyed let me know now and the colorway that you would like so I can dye that up first. Tomorrow I will be working on the Lace and if I have the time I will move onto the Sensational Sock 3.

If you are in the way of the storms this evening I hope that you all are safe.

Monday, April 11, 2011


Last week was crazy. I was in and out of the ER. The first time was for the pressure behind my left eye. CT scan showed nothing, trip to the referred ophthalmologist showed nothing other than I light eyes in the back. He said it was weird and that it was like having brown hair, but blond eyes. Umm o.k. He believed it could be sinus pressure and I should go back on the allegra, but as a precaution put me on steroid drops for that eye.

I used the steroid drops as prescribed then on Thursday as I was helping James with his school work my right arm and hand went numb. Before that I had to pick some stuff up off the floor and got really sick feeling. I sat down to try and relax and see if maybe I was just holding my arm wrong and it had gone to sleep. Once I sat down I had a weird shaky sick feeling. I waited a while to see if the numbness would subside, but it didn't. Sent a msg to Kevin and called a local Dr office since we still hadn't found a Dr yet. I was advised to head to the ER. So another call was made to the MIL and I waited for Kevin to come get me as I wasn't about to drive like that.

Another CT, an EKG, 6 viles of blood work and 6 more hours in the ER came up with nothing! In a way I am glad that nothing was found, but then it makes me feel like I am crazy. My arm was numb all that day and you could physically tell that the hand and fingers on that side were colder than the left. They couldn't give me any answers and I was told to followup with our GP. While I was at the ophthalmologist I asked the ladies there if they knew of any Drs. I was told to call a place in Lawrenceburg and they are taking new patients! Whoo Hoo! Down side is I can't be seen until Mat 17, since I am a new patient and they only see 2 new patients a day. They were booked that far out! I am just happy at this point to have found a Dr.

I stopped taking the steroids as they were giving me a bad chemical taste in the back of my throat and burning it. Since I quit taking them the numbness has subsided. I remember having a bad reaction to steroids when I was younger and I had to take them for my asthma. The Dr at the ER said it could be back problems or a pinched nerve. I just wonder if it could have been an allergic reaction to the steroids? If you know me you know that I can't have any normal reaction to meds.

In between all this I was filling out my order for yarn to dye. :) Guess what came today?! Oh yeah some yarn. I still have another order to put in for roving and more yarn. I should do that in the next day or so in hopes that it will all be here for next week. Then the madness will start with the marathon dyeing. I need to get it all done and dry for my first show of the season in May. The Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival! I can't wait as I had to miss it last year and really wish I could have gone.

Amongst everything else that has been going on I have done some spinning and knitting of you can believe it. It is so nice to be able to spin colorful fun rovings into bright beautiful yarns.

These colors made me smile. :)

Oh by the way I see that people are reading the blog. See "purl of wisdom" below here? Yeah that is where you click to leave a comment or "purl of wisdom". :) I do like to hear what others have to say.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bit of a Scare

So as some of you know I have been having off and on pressure behind my left eye for 4 - now 5 days. It is hard to explain as it comes an goes as it feels like and is more like someone slowly adding pressure behind my eye then letting off, not a constant pressure thing and it honestly doesn't hurt. I have had a few mild annoying headaches with it, but they have been few and far between. I had also had 2 dizzy, sick to stomach, hot flash kind of spells as well.

At the urging of my Husband and friends I relented and went to the ER last night. We are still looking for a GP in our area if you know of anyone please let me know. We arrived at 5:40 and was home by 11. Most of that time was sitting in the waiting room. They did a glaucoma test - it came back normal. They did a CT of my head - it came back empty LOL - it came back normal. So I have them stumped as to what could be causing it.

I have been referred to an optometrist and have an appointment at 3pm today. Hopefully he will be able to shed some light on what the problem is. Maybe it is eye strain as it has been far too long since I have had my eyes checked. I just need to get it figured out and fix whatever the problem is.

On a positive note I did get some knitting done. I am working on kitting up a few samples for my display and I was able to make a little progress. Not exactly where I wanted to be knitting, but at least I had something to do unlike the others that were there bored out of their minds.

The gentleman across from me just kept watching me in amazement as I was knitting and watching t.v. LOL He couldn't believe how fast I was knitting and that I didn't need to even look at it. I told him that I wasn't knitting very fast as it has been a while since I have been knitting and my groove hasn't come back yet. Guess it kept him busy while they waited too. ;)

I will have pictures later of what I am working on.

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