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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sweet Baby Cap and Matching Socks

I was going through my bloglines and realized that there are quite a few posts that I have uploaded pictures of, but never posted. So some of these might be on the older side, but they are still knitting content right?

A friend and his wife were having a baby so if course I had to knit them something. They decided that they weren't going to find out what sex the baby was going to be until that day of the birth. Hence the green and yellow.

This is the sweet baby cap and matching socks made from Baby Ull. I loved the way that they turned out. They are adorable in person.

We took the package over the next day and both mother and father were amazed by the gifts. They so appreciated that I took my time to make something for their little dear. Honestly I had a great time knitting them and since they are baby sized they knit up quickly.

I am sure some of you are wondering what they had. A baby of course. ;) It was a little girl! And boy did she have her daddy already wrapped around her finger. I have never seen him like that. He had a nickname of 2 grit (like the sand paper). He had a bit of a rough personality, but once you got to know him he was a sweet guy, even though that little girl has her daddy's heart from the moment she was born. It was so cute to see them together.

I am so glad that I decided to make something for them. I know that they really appreciated it. Wish I would have gotten a picture of her in them, but as you all know you never wake a sleeping baby. :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Knitting Content!! and a Contest!!


My friend Rita over at Keeping Knit Simple is having a contest. All you have to do is leave a comment on her blog. If you would please let her know that I sent you I would appreciate it. Hurry over and leave your comment it is open until September 6th.

On to the Knitting.....

Can you believe it? I have knitting to show you!! Yep it is true, I have been one with the needles and yarn. Granted it has been mostly socks and small baby items, but it is still knitting none the less.

I will start off with my Olympic project. I have had the kit for the Marie Antoinette socks for quite a while now. I absolutely love Anne Hanson's/Knitspot designs. If you have never knit any of her things, run over and order a pattern or 5 and get knitting.

With never knitting lace before I felt that they would be quite a challenge for me and would take up most of the 2 weeks. I can say that I was wrong. The pattern was wrote so well and was so much easier than I originally thought that it took me less than a week! That was with them being ripped out many times for stupid mistakes that I made.

They just lack something just laying there. They are so pretty all stretched out to where you can clearly see the bees and hives.

I am excited to be able to wear them this fall and winter. I have a problem though.... what type of shoes do I wear with them? I am guessing some type of clogs, but I am not sure. I want to be able to show off how pretty they are. I guess I will figure that out when it is closer to cooler weather and I can stand to have socks on my feet.

There are more picture and knitting to come. Stay tuned. :)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Grand Opening

I was doing so well and was on track with the site coming live at 12. Then I ran into using up all the space that I had. 8(. With a quick call to my BIL he fixed it and everything is up and running. If you came earlier, please stop back in. Everything is pretty and fixed and all the pictures are working. No more little red x's in boxes.

I was sweating it there for a while. I was afraid that it was some error that wasn't going to be a quick fix, but it was and I have went through and updated everything so that nothing was missed.

Hope you stop in and let me know what you think.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Updates.... & Grand Opening of Knitted to a T!!!!

Wow I can't believe how long it has been between posts again. *Sigh* I have been busily working on a multitude of things in my absence.

The main thing that I have been concentrating on, is James. We have been going to every 4-H fair and local tractor show around. :) He has so much fun and since they are both only around this time of year we are trying to hit as many of them as we can. I can say that we have all had a fun time.

Time sure flies when you are busy that is for sure.

In my "spare" time I have been working little by little on my web site. It has taken much longer than expected. Now I know why web designers get paid so much. I now have everything listed and ready for a Grand Opening! How excited am I?! Very! I am planning on Opening the Knitted to a T web site for today (Sunday, August 3, 2008) at 12 noon. There will be extras for the 1st. 10th, 25th etc customers. Also I will be offering 10% off of your entire purchase (excluding shipping)for the first week. The price will be taken off at check out. We have many things to offer from fingering, DK, Sport and lace weight yarns, Merino, Baby Alpaca/Merino, BFL, Peruvian Merino, and more Rovings, Stitch Markers, Paper Quilled Sheep, Wool washes, and more.

In these pictures are just a taste of what we have to offer. Come on over and take a look to see what we have. If there is a colorway that you want and we don't have, just check to see if we have and "Pick your own Colorway" in the yarn that you are wanting and it can be dyed for you at no extra charge.

Mostly Sock Yarns - Sensational Sock 2 & 3, Merino/Nylon, Bamboo/Merino/Nylon etc.

You can see some of the lace weight on the bottom right hand corner.

Rovings waiting in their containers for their new homes.

Hope to see you there.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Come On Over ..........

Can you believe it.... another post.

Thank you to all who commented on my last post. I we so appreciate all the well wishes that you have all given.

Kevin took James to his GI checkup today. They were so pleased with his progress. He has gained 3+ pounds and grew at least 1/2 an inch in a month. So we are on the right track with what we are doing. I am so glad that we are on the right track. James was talking up the Dr. and Nurses, so that pleased them too, to be able to see more of his true self.

Photos as prommised.....

The day didn't start out well. The truck was loaded last night ready to go and when I went out to leave it wouldn't start! The battery was dead! My MIL was coming with me and I was going to pick her up, but I had to call her to see if she could come and give me a jump. It didn't seem like it was going to work at first, but we giggled the wires and finally got the spark that we needed to be on our way. I still had to stop and get ice so my MIL stayed in the truck while I ran in so we didn't have to shut it off. I was later starting out than I wanted to be, but we made it on time and were able to set up before the 11:30 dead line.

It was a warm one today and tomorrow promises to be a warm one too. It wasn't too bad since they have 2 huge fans in our barn. Please if you come to HHFF make sure to come out to the McGill barn. There are so many nice vendors out there and it seems that the lack of ac is deterring people from venturing out there. If you miss that building you will be missing out on a lot of lovely things.

Well as you can see the set up went fairly well. Kevin put together all the lattice work framing. I really think that it stands out from all the others. I am so happy with it, but I can see already that I will need more room here in the future. :) I only have about 1/2 of my stock there since I ran out of time and had to take what I had done. I am thinking about using some of the vertical space, what do you think or would that take away from the display?

Well I better get to bed. I have another early morning. Keep your fingers crossed that the truck will behave tomorrow.

I hope that if you are local or anywhere in a decent driving distance that you will make the trip out to check it out. I don't think that you will leave empty handed. :) We have all had such a fun time. I really enjoyed it. I can safely say that I will be looking into more local festivals. Please, if you have any that you have been to that you think I should check out, let me know. I am up for any and all suggestions. I had only planned on doing 2 this year, but I might be convinced to do more. ;)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Still Alive & Hoosier Hills Fiberarts Festival

Yes folks, we are still alive in our neck of the woods. Sorry it has been so long since I have posted. It has been a busy time to say the least.

Some of you know that James has been sick off and on since Christmas. He just never seemed to get better after each bout with a virus/cold. We seemed to be going to the Dr. every time I turned around. They did blood work that came back perfectly fine, then there were stool testing and that came back fine too.

Finally the Dr. said that it was beyond what he could do and told us to head to Children's Hospital and he would call ahead so that all the sign in paperwork would be done for us. We arrived around 6 that evening in the ER.

After going through Dr. after Dr. they couldn't diagnose him and said that they would like to admit him and wanted to know if that was ok. Ummm yeah it is ok. I wanted my baby well. I know what they were driving at. They thought that we were starving him. He was so skinny. You could see his ribs, hip bones, spinal column, etc. Everything that he was eating should have made him as big as a barn (chicken nuggets, french fries, mac n cheese, etc.)

We finally got a room at 1 am and settled in and got James to sleep around 2. The team of Dr.s assigned to him were in bright and early that morning to see him. More blood work and tests all came back normal. They called in the Gastro. Dr. (told that he is the best you can get) and he said that he thought he had _____ the first time that he looked at him. We all thought that he was crazy even the normal rotation Dr.'s didn't think that was it.

So there was more blood work to be done. We had to wait for that to come back to get a diagnosis. Also there was a biopsy test to be done later in the week.

All in all we ended up spending a week in the hospital. I can safely say that if I ever had to take James to a hospital again it would be Children's. They were so great to him and us. I was very happy about the care that we all received.

After the blood work came back and he had his biopsy (that was so hard to watch them put him under) the Gastro Dr. was right. He now has a diagnosis of Celiac Disease.

Celiac Disease is an allergy to gluten (wheat and derivatives). It is amazing all the things that gluten is in. Not only is it in food, but it is also in cleaning supplies, make-up, sun screen, tooth paste, soaps, ect. We have had to clean the house out and start over. It hasn't been easy that is for sure. When you are used to paying .99 for a bag of pretzels and now they are $8.00 for an even smaller bag it puts a real strain on the wallet. We have found a few ways to save money, but it is still much more expensive than the "normal" food. We have all gone gluten free since cross contamination is a big concern. It is so easy to accidental put a spoon too close to another one and contaminate his food. Since we have been eating this way I have been feeling better too, so I have been told that I should be tested as well.

Here are a few pictures just a few weeks after he was out of the hospital. Before he would have never stood by himself (we had to carry him every where) or smiled (he was so sad and pathetic).

Don't worry the portable potty seat is clean. LOL

Jame and Kevin fishing at the Grandparents'

It is so good to see him feeling better, but man does he have the energy. He will go non-stop all day without a nap and still be going strong at 1 am. He exhausts me. LOL He is getting better every day. I am excited to see what the Dr.s think at his next check up. He looks like he has gained weight. You can't see the bones like when he was in the hospital and his cheeks have filled out. I just hope that he continues to progress.

In my "spare" time I have been dyeing yarn and rovings and getting things together to head to the Hoosier Hills Fiberarts Festival. With the events that I just listed, I have been behind several weeks according to my original plan. It doesn't look like I am going to get done everything that I had wanted to, but I am not stopping until I have to.

I have been told that there are aprox. 80 vendors this year! I had a great time last year. There is supposed to be a Ravelry meet up as well and they have buttons at the welcome booth that you can buy so people know who you are on Ravelry. I know from last year that there are lots of pretty things that just have to come home with you. :)

The things that I will have include hand dyed yarns and rovings (some yarns in self striping and some in variegated), wool wash and scour, paper quilled sheep, and a few other things that you will have to come to see. I will be in McGill Hall, the one with the white lattice work booth (hopefully that is - if Kevin can get it finished to his liking before Friday). I am hoping to get a few pictures of some of the things that I will have. With today's thunderstorms they might not be the best. :(

If you are planning on coming and would like to sit and spin, knit, talk or what ever let me know so that I can bring a few extra chairs. I hope to see you there.

The dates and times are .... Friday June 6 12 - 7 and Saturday June 7 10 - 6. I have been told to use Google map because Mapquest has them in the wrong location.

So tell me what you all have been up to. Unfortunately I haven't had time or been able to keep up with blogs. I have been thinking of you all. I hope after Hoosier Hills things will get back to "normal" and I will be able to get back to my normal blog reading and posting. So please let me know what you have been up to and how you have been doing.

Hope to see you this weekend.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Drive By Posting

I can't believe it has been over a month since I posted last. Thanks to all that have commented and sent emails wondering how we are doing. We all so appreciate it.

James and I are better from the nasty ick that has been going around, but now it seems like something else is trying to get ahold of us. James has been acting tired for a few days and has said that he isn't feeling well. Now I have a soar throat, but just on one side. It is nasty painful to swallow. My glands aren't swollen, so I don't know what it is. I just want to get well and stay well. I don't know where it is coming from. James and I don't go anywhere. *Sigh*

I have been knitting and will have 3 pair of socks to share with you once I get pictures of them. 2 pair are of a "normal" length. The other pair is a thigh high pair I made for my SIL. Nothing too exciting, but it is knitting none the less, right?

I have also been spending many hours getting my dyeing area organized and ready so that everything will run more smoothly. I am really liking the look of it. Kevin is going to build some little shelves so that I can have little houses for all my dyes. I have been dyeing up some sample swatches and the real things will be next. I have some new colorways for the spring and summer seasons that I am quite happy about.

Speaking of dyeing.... I have something exciting that will be happening to my yarns. I will reveal that later. I am very excited.

Sorry that there are no pictures on this post. Hopefully I will have some for the next one and it won't be over a month before I post again. ;)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Can I have a Do Over?

Thanks to all that have sent me messages checking up on us. Here is what have been going on the past month and then some.

At the beginning of January James ended up sick. We believe that it was from taking him to the Cincinnati Museum Center. He had gotten family passes for Christmas and so we decided to take a trip there while Kevin still had time off from work. It came back to bite us in the butt. A few days later he came down with a head cold. Guess I am glad that I put off having his Birthday party until later in the month. That was a week plus that I had a toddler completely glued to my side. He refused to go to Kevin at all! I even had to take James to the bathroom with me.

Next came the chaos of trying to get down all the Christmas decor and to get everything together for James' party. He wanted Thomas the Train is year, so I had to go to the party store to get the stuff. No running to the big box stores for this one. Then he decided that he wanted a pinata. Of course the store that we were at were out of them so we had to go across town to get it. I have to admit that it is pretty cool. It was a pull string pinata. If you have never seen these essentially they are made for little kids where there are a bunch of ribbons attached to the bottom. The kids take turns pulling a ribbon in hopes that it will open. There is only one ribbon that will open the door on the bottom. So there was the making out of all the invites there was the cleaning of the house.

Cleaning seemed to take forever. It is amazing how you can get comfortable with all the stuff around you. Then when it is time to have a party you look around and realize that the house is trashed and it is going to take forever to get it all cleaned. Which it did take forever. I kept finding things that I wanted to do. The house did get clean in time and I am hoping to keep it that way.

The Birthday party was a big hit for James. He had a great time and got so much stuff. He had a pile of clothes up to the top of the arm of the chair! The poor child. ;) He of course got a nice selection of toys too. Sadly the MIL wasn't feeling well, but more on that later. So after the party was the next few days of clean up. Why is it that you find plates and cups days later no matter how hard you looked for them the days before?

Then on January 30th I went out to feed and watter the rabbits. The French doe was happily hopping in her cage. The English buck on the other hand had passed away some time that night. :(. He was fine the day before, so I don't know what happened. After reading on Ravelry and talking to some people there were many that died that day or within a few days. Kind of odd. I so miss him. He was so soft, cuddly and sweet. Yes they were in separate cages, so there was no foul play on the doe's part.

Remember when I said that my MIL wasn't feeling well at James' party? Yeah well she shouldn't have come because James started getting sick again a few days after the party. Now he has given it to me. It is some sort of upper respiratory thing. The cough is what is the killer. If the cough would just go away it would be so much better. So not only am I sick, achy, fever, cough, etc. so is James. That means he clings onto me so I can't even take a nice hot shower to hopefully feel better. Now Kevin is saying that he thinks that he is getting it now. I sure hope not. James is bad enough to deal with sick, Kevin is horrible! I hope that this goes away soon. I am exhausted and just want my life to be somewhat normal again.

Sorry for the unhappy post, but I wanted to let you all know where I have been. I have over 500 posts to read, so I will try and read them all, but I probably won't have the time to comment. Just know that I am reading and thinking of you all. Hopefully the next post will be soon and much happier.

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