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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

From the Mouths of Babes

Ok so I have been wanting to document some of the things that our silly child says. Being a bad mommy I haven't done it, but last night was so funny.

James and Kevin were in the kitchen fixing dinner (green beans, potatoes and sausage). They were in there talking like always and I hear James ask for some M&M's. (one candy that he can have that is GF). Of course Kevin tells him no, because it is almost time for dinner, but he can have some after if he eats well (which is normally no problem - the child eats like a horse). I had just though that James told Kevin no, but the reaction I heard. I ask what happened and Kevin tells me that James' response to no M&M's before dinner was.........

"I have argued with you all day, I am not going to argue with you all night"

LOL We have yet to figure out where he got that from. Kevin and I have never said that and we do our best never to argue in front of him. He could have gotten it from the in-laws. I can see MIL saying that about FIL. Or maybe something on t.v.

Any way the things that come out of his mouth at times are too good not to share. I will post more as he comes up with them. ;)

Happy Tuesday.

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