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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Delivery

Boxes have started arriving here full of fiber and fiber related goodness. Now if this wet weather would stop so I can work on dyeing the yarn and roving. I have been doing small batches at a time as I only have so much room to hang yarn to dry in the house.

Sensational Sock 3 / Baby Alpaca/Silk/Cashmere Lace

I started on the Baby Alpaca/Silk/Cashmere Lace weight. With the humid weather and all the rain it is taking f-o-r-e-v-e-r to dry. I have fans and dehumidifier going to help the process. I have to say that I LOVE this yarn. It is more than yummy.

Lilac/Fresh Mint/Passion Pink/Tweety/Crimson Caress/Sea Foam (the Lilac looks blue in this photo)

The Lilac looks more true to color in this photo.

There are 1,312 yds per skein. These will all be going to the fiber festivals this year, but if you want it before then let me know.

I spent part of the day cleaning since the kids are with my Mom for the week. This is the first time that the youngest has been away from us for longer than a few hours. :( He sounds like he is doing just fine, but I still feel sad. Then the rest I spent skeining up the Sensational Sock 3. I have a full storage bin of yarn waiting to be dyed now. If the weather would just cooperate.

I have more boxes due here Thursday. This shipment will include:


Merino Lace
BFL Fingering
Wool/Nylon SW
Falkland SW Dk
Merino Sport


Superfine Merino
Merino SW
Alpaca/Merino/Tussah Silk
Baby Suri Alpaca
Baby Camel/Tussah Silk

If there is a yarn/roving that you would like dyed let me know now and the colorway that you would like so I can dye that up first. Tomorrow I will be working on the Lace and if I have the time I will move onto the Sensational Sock 3.

If you are in the way of the storms this evening I hope that you all are safe.

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