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Friday, August 10, 2007

Me Busy?

Well I guess you can tell that James is back and I have been spending time with him. LOL For some odd reason I just don't get much time.

I get the bad Mommy of the week award. I finally broke down and decided to take away James' pacifiers. He never used them during the day. The only time that they were used were at nap time and at night. He could fall asleep at my Mom's or my In-law's without it and in the car. I just never had the guts to do it. This past weekend I think I finally made the decision when I saw 4 and 5 year olds walking around with them in their mouths. I DID NOT want him to be that dependent on it. So before his nap on Wednesday I removed them from his bed. I explained to him that we had to give them to babies that needed them. He has whined a few times and woke up crying once a night, but actually that is less than normal. So I am just wondering if he didn't sleep as well with the pacis.? I feel so bad doing it, but I know that it has to be done some time and it is better now than later. I really think that it is hurting me way more than it is him. He is doing great at falling asleep without it, so I am hoping after a week he will hopefully have gotten used to it and won't whine before I put him into bed. :( It is breaking my heart and I am trying to be so strong. I am so thankful that he has been so good about it. I am afraid if he would have been one that woke up all night long that I would have broke down and gave them back.

Still no knitting to show. I am so boring.

We did go to a tractor show in Rushville this weekend. James is in awe of the steam tractors. They are my favorites as well. There is just something about them that is so neat.

(as always click for bigger)

Steam tractors aren't just for guys. :) There are two younger women driving this one.

Aren't they too cool?

James even found one that was his size. It was all made by hand. Someone is seriously into the mechanics of steam tractors.

It was so hot too. Poor James was just exhausted from trying to see everything and the heat. We made him rest in the shade and soaked him down with some water. We made sure that we watched him very carefully in the heat. I took off his shirt and at first he wanted it back on, but once he figured that it was cooler without it he was loving it.

He even thought that he had a little Captain in him. LOL

We had a nice rain that cooled things off a bit. While we waited for the sun to set we sat and listened to a fiddle contest. The girl who won was awesome.

That evening once the sun set they were going to have a spark show. It is the steam tractors that load up with tons of wood and saw dust and they end up blowing a ton of sparks through the stacks. There were 3 of them that were doing it. It is so neat and James loved it.

(Be sure to click these to make them bigger!)

It was a fun time even though it was hot. I had planned on taking some knitting or at least a drop spindle. I decided against it and realized after being there for a while that I should have brought it. We went with Kevin's parents so at least I had his Mom to talk to while the guys went out looking at everything under the sun. Oh yeah they also had a steam calliope! I am excited for next year, but I will make sure to take something to kill the time from the 2:00 parade to the night spark show.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

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