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Friday, April 27, 2007

Spinning Content

ETA: I am looking for the title of a book that someone mentioned on their blog about spinning and the different types of fibers and how they spin up. They said that it was a really good book. I can't seem to find the post and for the life of me I can't remember who it was. I have been looking back at old blog posts, but I can't find it, or I am missing it some where. If you are the one that posted it or know what I am talking about, could you please let me know. I think it would make a wonderful reference book for me. Thanks!!

First I would like to introduce to you my Kromski Sonata in walnut finish. I have yet to give her a proper name. I want to work with her for a while and get a feel for what she should be called. If a name happens to strike you I am open for suggestions. Sorry that the picture isn't the greatest. It was 2 am when I took it and I was packing it all up before I headed off to bed.

As I suspected, James LOVES it. He wants to play with it and make it go "round and round". So she has to stay in her protective bag during the day and is only allowed out at night after he has gone to bed.

Below is my first mini skein that I spun and plyed on Sunday. It is wee. But I was pretty well pleased with it. Especially for my first try.

I was given this roving with my wheel just for practice so I can get the hang of the treadles and just the technique in general. I was warned that it wasn't the best to spin with, but for practice it was better to screw it up than a really nice roving. I have to say that I really don't like spinning it. It is rough, sticky and there is quite a bit of VM and lumps in it. I am getting better at spinning it, but I still don't care for it. I plan on spinning it all up for the practice and then moving on to something nicer.

This is what I have done so far. I am over half way through the ball of roving and I have a bobbin pretty darn full. As you can see it isn't the best spinning job in the world, but I am learning. I really want to get something with color the next time. Something bright and spring or summery.

Thank you to all of you that listed recommendations of roving. I plan to keep a running list so that I will have a reference to look at when ordering some to spin and to stock in my stash. Would any one have any books that they could recommend as well? I would appreciate any info that you may have.

Sorry it took so long to show you what I have been doing. With the computer only working in Safe Mode I was a little concerned if it would even recognize the camera. Not only have there been computer problems, but Kevin started his night job this week. We see him for a max of 3 hours a day. He comes home form his day job for a few hours then heads back out to the night job, then from the night job he goes directly to his day job where he gets a few hours of sleep in the truck. So it has been exhausting for him and I have been very busy picking up any and all slack around the house. Next week shouldn't be as bad, he will be only working 3 or 4 nights. James has not been taking his normal afternoon naps either. So I have had no breaks to even sit down and type. So it has been a bit of a whirl wind around here. At night I have been sitting down with the spinning wheel and spinning just to calm down from all the days chaos. Hopefully things will start to calm down and we will get into a groove again.

I really wanted to go to a fiber show in Troy on Saturday, but I have a bridal shower to go to and I made a commitment to that first. It would figure that they are both at the same time too. If you go think of me and if you see any blue and yellow roving look at it and say "ahhh Tonia would love that". =)

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