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Monday, February 18, 2013

Baa Baa 2 Sheep Have You Any Wool?

This past Friday was the day to have our 2 little sheep sheared.  They were taken back to the lady that we purchased them from since she was having a man come in and do hers.  Kevin took them in the Yukon while I stayed home with the kids since there just wasn't room for everyone (wouldn't have been room for me too on the way home - but that is another story for another day).

So off went Kevin, Hope and Henry.  They were fluffy balls of wool before they left. 

 Hope is the white one, Henry is the white and black.  Hope always has to be the center of attention and front and center.

Henry is Mr. Anti-social, that is ok we still love him anyway and he looks like a big teddy bear, so that just makes him even more loveable.

Our 2 sheep were the last ones to get sheared that day, but even though there were 26 in front of them it only took them just a few short hours!  I was told that Hope was more cooperative than Henry - imagine that. LOL

 Here we have Kate giving Hope some love.  Hope was our bottle baby.  She will follow you anywhere especially if you have cookies. 

The shearing of Hope has began.  I am sure that she is going to wonder what the heck happened after the fact.

Poor Hope doesn't look overly thrilled with this turn of events for her.  Give her a cookie and she will forget the entire thing.

I can't believe how white her fleece is under it all.  If she would stop laying in the mud puddles and rolling in them she would be much whiter, at least this will wash out.

Up next is poor Henry.  He is such a troubled child and when we lost his brother, he came to live with us and was rescued from going to market.  We were so saddened at the loss of his brother Oliver, but it seemed like this was meant to be.

 As everyone said he looks like a big teddy bear.  His coat is so dense that it is hard to get your fingers to his skin if you can at all. 

He wasn't overly cooperative through the entire process, but he had no other choice and the job was done.

His fleece is white, really deep black with brown tips.  I was told that he looks identical to his Daddy.

We now have 2 bags full of fleece from our very own sheep!  I still need to weigh what we got and go through it all as she had a family there to help that had never skirted fleeces before.  They did well picking off the nasty bits and such, but didn't shake them to remove the second cuts.  If it wasn't so dang windy today I would take them outside and work on them tonight.

Can anyone tell me how to get a good clear photo of the fleeces especially the black of Henry's?  I have tried and it just looks like a black blob, not what I am looking for. 

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