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Friday, October 28, 2005

Thinking of a Web Store Need Input

Ok so I would like to make some extra money and I have been mulling over making my own web site/store for my knitting. I would sell things that I have made and take special orders.

So here is where you come in. I am wondering if any of you would think about buying items like that from a web page and if so what kind of items would you be interested in? I don't want to make too much stuff that wouldn't sell, that would defeat my entire purpose. I also thought about putting an item or two on eBay from time to time and linking to the site (cheap advertisement). Also Kevin makes tatting shuttles and I thought it would be nice to add them as well.

Any and all of your suggestions are much appreciated.

Here are some of my item ideas:
Holiday items - felted pumpkin, Christmas ornaments, etc.
Baby Clothing
Baby Booties/Socks
Animal toys
Special Orders


  1. I think it's a fantastic idea! I've already been mulling over asking if you'd consider making a baby blanket for a baby gift for a friend of mine. The shawls would rock too, and of course any baby item (hats!)

  2. I have gotten a good response from other people that I have askes as well. I think once I finish with the knitting classes that I have currently on the calendar I will work on a few things to put on a site.

    J - As for a baby blanket, what size, yarn and such would you like. I can tell you that the average is 1 stitch = 1 in of yarn so if you look at the side of yarn and it says that it takes 4 stitches to make an inch then it will take you 4 in of yarn to make 1 inch knitted (does that make any since?) I warn you that yarn isn't cheap. If you want we can meet at the Lambikins and you can pick out something that you like or if you know of something like at the Hobby Lobby you like then we could go that route too. Just a reminder that it will be for a baby and if they are to use it you want it to be soft yet easily washable. Just let me know and we can work something out. Also I would need to know what type of stitch pattern that you would like. So many decisions......


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